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With over 300,000+ streams on their debut single, Roubix has showcased a style clearly in demand. Merging classic 80s keyboards with modern digital synths and ethereal catchy melodies, they have captivated fans across the globe. Their debut single "Atlantis" peaked at 9th on the download and disco charts. Following the success of this track, Roubix has spent 2023 collaborating on new songs with producers in Italy, London, and Holland, as well as with remarkably talented established artists to forge something unique and fresh.

Debut single 'Atlantis' sailing high with over 300k+ streams..
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Roubix + D.White

Atlantis - Single

Roubix's debut single, 'Atlantis', experienced immediate remarkable success upon its release. 🎉 It gained regular airplay on numerous radio stations across Europe, propelling "Atlantis" to chart-topping success. 📈This momentum swiftly fuelled a rising demand for more music from Roubix.


Roubix + TBC
Fire Lady - Single

Roubix's forthcoming single, "Fire Lady," 🔥 boasts a duet with a renowned artist, set to be unveiled closer to the release date. This infectious disco track is bound to get you on your feet and singing along. The distributing label will be announced in due course. 💿 The single will soon be available on vinyl and various streaming platforms.


Rocket Science - EP

Roubix is keeping this under lock and key 🔒. Recording and production of the EP is currently underway. 🤐

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